seo and internet marketing training

Learn Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Marketing and much more!

Gold Internet Marketing Program

Get Coached By Nick live!  Learn everything the search engine and online marketing pros know.  VERY affordable and Flexible. 6 thirty minute sessions. YOU are in control. We cover what you need and what you want.  This is the best option for beginners or people who are fully engaged in the managing of their website, and want to learn about Ranking and Marketing. 

Online Marketing Consulting Retainer Program

This is a more expanded relationship, where I am a direct ongoing consultant for you. This arrangement includes a whole range of benefits and areas.

  • Laying out goals 
  • Planning strategy
  • Optimizing website
  • Managing Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Social Media strategies 
  • Url Purchase strategy
  • Building email lists
  • Strategy Phone Calls
  • Email Advice and answering questions
  • Anything else we need to do! 

This is a monthly consulting relationship based on time and hours. It is the most valuable and flexible way to work with me. 

Give us a call!  (386) 795-2009